For stunning weddings & classy events, look no further than our light up dance floor hire. Also known as white LED dance floor, our starlit floor has a glossy white surface with hundreds of LEDs in it’s surface which twinkle to create a magical starlight LED effect!

Special care is taken to ensure our white led dance floors always look spectacular for your event, after every use they’ll be cleaned and polished to give a glossy mirror finish. We’ve invested significantly in perfecting a process which maintains the light up dance floor’s shine unlike some dull and matt looking dance floors you might see.

How do white led dance floors work?

All our dance floors use a special locking system, meaning we can assemble most sizes of floor in under an hour (usually alot less!) and it will never come apart during use. This same system allows the flooring to be used on uneven marquee floors, though we strongly recomend wooden underfloor is provided, ensuring electrical connections are maintained whilst in use. Unfortunatley we cannot lay LED dance floors direct onto grass, gravel or mud.

What size white led dance floor do I need?

White LED Dance Floor Hire is available in any multiple of 2ft size. Our most common sizes are 14ft x 14 for around 100 guests, 16ft x 16ft for up to 150 guests and 20ft x 20ft for around 200 guests. The dance floors we hire can also be arranged in rectangular orientation, typically more suited to marquee dance floor settings.


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