Black Drapes Hire is a great way to transform your venue, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere. Ideal for events where you want to change the look of a bland conference suite, ready for evening celebrations. Black drapes are also ideal for transforming an arena or barn venue to make it suitable for hosting your event.

Our Black Drapes are made from theatrical grade black wool serge, ensuring a clean and crease-free finish, so they’ll always look smart for your event. They also have sound deadening characteristics so are ideal for creating studio spaces for film & TV use.

Black Drape Sizes

We stock various sizes – typically hired as 6m x 4m and 4m x 4m for walls, with 3m x 2m and 2m x 2m sections for placing above doorways.  This means the drape can be planned to suit your exact requirements. We can cover whole rooms, or just surround certain areas of your chosen venue.

Black Drapes on freestanding rigging

Our free-standing rigging system also means the draping can be used to create partitions or divide up large areas into smaller areas. We also stock wooden door surrounds to preserve fire escape routes without spoiling the look of the drape.

Black Drapes & custom draping

Combining with our full range of wall drapes, Black wool serge drapes can be used alongside our white drapes, or other coloured drape overlays to break up the black – or why not use our LED starcloth to create a feature wall?

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