Table pinspots hire and table pinspotting is a simple, but highly effective lighting solution to replace house lighting. Pin spot lights bring enough light to each table to allow you your guests to enjoy their meal, before being dimmed for the evening celebrations. You can also use table pinspot lighting to highlight beautiful table centerpieces or other important features of the room.

We offer a range of solutions, depending on your venue. If your venue has overhead rigging points, it’s preferable to hang the lighting above the tables. If not, then don’t worry – we have the option of lighting stands, or vertical poles mounted on heavy bases (tank traps) for a more discreet look, placed around the edges of your venue.

When it comes to the lights themselves, we have have the option of fixed position pinspots, or moving head spots which can be moved using a lighting control desk, once they have been installed. This means that the spots can be adjusted, should a table need to be moved, or they can create some amazing effects by moving between tables, or dimming etc. By utilising one of our lighting designers they can turn this simple lighting into a feature and a talking point at your special event.

To discuss how table pinspotting can enhance your event, call one of our event coordinators on 01386 896 828


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