LED starcloth is the ideal backdrop to hire for a range of events both for corporate and private clients. Although most suited to corporate evening events & parties, we also supply starcloth for conferences, exhibitions, weddings & private parties.

Our LED starcloth is made up of a thick black wool serge material, which due to its none-reflective finish and sound deadening characteristics makes it suitable for theatre and TV use.  Hundreds of LEDs embedded into the surface are controlled by the supplied power supply unit allowing the pattern, speed & brightness to be controlled easily – it can also be controlled by DMX for larger productions.

We would typically install our starcloth hire as a backdrop for a stage, or even to create a full set with space for projector screens, complimenting our staging hire and AV hire solutions. LED starcloth hire is even avaliable in large quantity to surround full venues, halls and arenas. We install various sizes of starcloth to suit layouts, as well as filling in above doors using our specially designed wooden door surrounds.

Hiring our LED starcloth is simple and versatile as we provide a full free standing system, meaning starcloth can be hired for any venue, without requiring any fixing points. Our system reaches up to 5m height, making it suitable for even the largest spaces. This same system is compatible with all our draping services including black wool serge drapes and white pleated drape so we can transform a complete venue using multiple options.


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