Dance Floor Hire Worcestershire

We provide a range of dance floors for hire in the Worcestershire region of the West Midlands. We deliver our dance floors to Broadway, Evesham, Pershore, Upton Upon Severn,  Worcester, Malvern, Redditch, Bromsgrove, Kidderminster, Droitwich Spa, Stourport On Severn, Bewdley, Ombersley & Tenbury Wells.

All dance floors are stocked in house and well maintained by our staff. If you’re holding an event in Worcestershire and are undecided about which dance floor to hire, you can call us on 01386 896 828 for expert advice. Or feel free to contact us through the website.

Our dance floors are commonly found in Worcestershire venues, but we also provide marquee dance floor hire in the villages surrounding Worcestershire countryside towns such as Pershore, Evesham & Broadway. We stock a full range of styles of dance floor to suit all tastes and budgets including –

Wood Parquet Dance Floor Hire Worcestershirewood parquet dance floor hire in worcestershire

The traditional wooden dance floor avaliable in 3ft x 3ft squares – common sizes 15ft x 15ft for up to 100 guests, rising to 21ft x 21ft for around 200 guests – we offer all sizes and shapes in-between, as well as much larger floors for events such as dance competition or large balls and corporate celebrations. Find out more about Wood Parquet Dance Floor Hire.

Black & White Dance Floors Worcestershire

black & white chequered dance floor for hire in Worcestershire

One of our most popular dance floors we hire in Worcester and the surrounding towns & villages is the Black & White chequered dance floor. In 4ft x 2ft sized squares we typically start at 14ft x 14ft for up to 100 guests, up to 16ft x 16ft for 150-175 and 20ft x 20ft for 200-220 guests. As with all our modular dance floors, different sizes and shapes can be made to suit your requirements. We often provide much larger black & white dance floors, such as the pictured 30ft x 30ft black & white floor used for a hunt ball in Worcestershire. Find out more about Black & White Dance Floors.

 Pure White Dance Floor Hire Worcestershire

white marquee dance floor in worcestershire

Our Pure White dance floor is popular for wedding receptions taking place around Evesham, Pershore, Redditch and Worcester. It’s important to us that all our dance floors are beautifully presented with a glossy appearance and this is especially important for white dance floors. As with black & white dance floors, sizes typically range from 14ft x 14ft up to 20ft x 20ft, although for marquee dance floor hire we often make rectangular layouts such as 24ft x 16ft to make best use of the space. Find out more about Pure White Dance Floor hire.

Pure Black Dance Floor Hire Worcestershire

pure black dance floor hire worcestershire

For a more club-like atmosphere Plain Black dance floor hire in Worcestershire is a perfect option. Again, we make sure our plain black dance floors are presented with a mirror-like finish, polished and looking great for your event, whether it be in Malvern, Worcester or Kidderminster, or any of the surrounding Worcestershire towns & villages. Find out more about Pure Black Dance Floor Hire.

White LED Dance Floor Hire Worcestershire

white led dance floor worcestershire

Our white LED light up dance floor looks amazing in beautiful Worcestershire venues and marquees around areas such as Upton Upon Severn, Redditch & Bromsgrove. It can be laid in any multiple of 2ft (0.6m) usually starting at 14ft x 14ft for small events, up to 20ft x 20ft for guests numbers around 200. Each panel contains 32 LEDs which automatically twinkle once the floor is powered up. Find out more about White LED Dance Floor.

Black LED Dance Floor Hire Worcestershire

black led dance floor hire worcestershire

Our Black LED light up dance floor appears to just be a normal plain floor, as the LEDs blend into the surface. As soon as powered is supplied, the LEDs light up dramatically and twinkle beautifully creating a perfect focal point for your guests to dance. Black LED dance floors are supplied for corporate events across Worcestershire as well as being popular for private events such as Weddings. Find out more about our Black LED Dance Floor.

To discuss the options for dance floor hire in any area of Worcestershire, get in touch by calling 01386 896 828 or contact us online.