Festival PA Systems

ESX has been involved in small to medium UK festivals for several years. That said, we never forget our roots and we regularly supply sound systems for smaller festivals and live performances from our base in Worcestershire.

We are well versed in accommodating a wide range of audio-visual and artist requirements.

Our resources for equipment are extensive and most of the equipment that you will find on your artist riders we will have available. Carefully designed sound systems from leading manufacturers mean that the audience hears performances at maximum level possible whilst keeping spill to the surrounding areas to a minimum.

Festival Lighting Hire

Our festival lighting includes main stage “house” systems comprising trusses, moving lights and LED fixtures, lighting consoles, and special effects. Pre-visualisation is an important part of some festival lighting systems. Our in-house lighting design team can provide CADs and 3D renders of the proposed lighting design for your festival before you accept the quote and we arrive on site

Festival Stage Hire

We can supply various sized indoor and outdoor festival stages, risers, rigging and draping are available for anywhere in the UK.

Festival Video Technology

LED Screens and projection are becoming increasingly integrated with lighting design. We offer a range of projection and LED screen technology. We are also able to supply cameras, switchers and screens to give your whole audience a close-up experience.


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