How to host the perfect conference

How to host the perfect conference

When it comes to hosting conferences, we know our stuff. We have prepared a step by step guide on how you can host the perfect conference – with our help of course! 

We are here to help from start to finish, whilst delivering an exceptional experience that will leave you and your attendees with a positive, lasting impression. 

Step 1: Pick a theme.

Much like a wedding, conferences need a theme. You need to define the key take away you want your attendees to have once the conference is over. 

Your theme will ultimately help you identify key speakers and decide what type of marketing materials you will need and how they will look.

Step 2: Organise your team.

Using a service such as ours will reduce the amount of leg work you need to do, but you will need to keep those within your business in the know – even if they’re in a different department! 

Your planning team will be able to liaise with us when it comes to the venue and catering, but other teams such as marketing and admin need to be kept in the loop! 

We recommend you delegate and prioritise your ‘to-do list,’ whilst setting deadlines for each task. 

Step 3: Budget and Business.

The number-crunching, we can help with when it comes to the venue and equipment, but you may need to factor in other costs such as staff, activities and marketing!  

Step 4: It’s a date! 

Setting a date is vital, you need to ensure it doesn’t conflict with other industry-related conferences that may interest your demographic. The date you choose also needs to be far enough in the future that you can adequately prepare and promote the event.

Step 5: The venue.

This is where our services can save you time!

Your venue choice will vary depending on budget, location and maybe even the time of year.

At ESX, we take all of this into account, making sure that you have a venue that suits your needs, business, demographic and budget. 

Step 6: Catering and all other vendors.

This is where our services come into full swing! We can support you and your business needs when it comes to catering and other vendors.

We can support the audio-visual aspects of your conference because, when it comes to speakers at conferences, you want those attending to be able to hear and see who is talking! At Revolution Event Services we offer a range of audio-visual production service and equipment to suit a variety of industries and sectors.

Got a conference coming up that you need a team of dedicated professionals to take the load off? Contact us.